Monday, June 13, 2011

I Want Candy... and every else.

So i have way bigger eyes then my stomach. Or should i say that wallet is way smaller then my appetite for things. So i have a small list of things that i desire and i cannot get out of my mind. The bad part is when i am focused on things that i want, i work until I get what i want. However, basically everything on this list is not necessary so i figured that blogging about it would help get it off my mind so i can focus on more important things like cancer and Darfur. ( that is not a joke by the way)
1) Lesportsac 7839 Voyager Backpack in the Chrysalis print.

this is the print and i could not find it in the backpack so i decided to also post a picture of the backpack in my second favorite picture.
2) the next thing on my list is a demin button up shirt. I do not have a specific one in mind so no pictures :( But i really want one because you can dress it up and down. Its great for summer and winter. It would look great for school next fall i need to find one.
3) BEDDING BEDDING AND BEDDING. I am obsessed with anthropologlie bedding and home decorating materials. But obliviously, they are not cheap so I already have started wonderful christmas list.

So i had a huge list prepared but i can not remember so this can be part one of two.
I am just going to post the pictures from the movie Marie Antoinette. My favorite :)

Sail Away

Now knowing of Claire and my's crazy yet amusing adventures, you should hear about another one of our adventures that happened today. Just up the north shoreline from Chicago on Lake Michigan are a few suburbs, such as Evanston, grouped together to form the "North Shore" as they call it. (Creative huh?) Anyway, Claire and I took a venture up to the North Shore today and started our very first day of sailing camp at Northwestern University. Since Claire, the other adventurer, has done this camp before she told me the first day is always the most boring, when they are teaching you about the parts of the boat, the knots, and so on as so forth. At the end of camp today they had us go out on the boats with a counselor, so it is four people in the boat- three campers and one counselor. Of course in our boat Claire and I are stuck with a shy nine-year which is the opposite of our personalities. After camp, my grandma who was picking us up because she lives nearby took us to Mustard's Last Stand, which if you have not heard of it, is one of the best hot-dog, french-fry places in the entire universe. Tomorrow hopefully we have a more exciting boat adventurous boat ride especially when we capsize! :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

The Demon Dragonfly

Shirt thrifted, Sweater Boden, shorts Forever 21, Tights hue, Necklace blommingdales, Ring Presence

Today I wore one of the greatest I wore in a while. I went to brunch with Lucy (the other teen adventurer) and 4 of our other friends. We went to Nookies Too on Halsted. It was really good with a pretty good price range. It could be kinda expensive but if you go with many people and split the check it would be reasonable. My outfit was pretty good for a simple brunch and movie.
My sweater was a borrowed form my mom and I loved how it kinda has a blazer feel to it. It has a lapel and buttons with pockets. I am kinda over the traditional blazer so i really like this sweater. It would look cute over a sun dress on cooler summer days.

My shirt was thrifted and it originally had long sleeves. I was going to keep them because i liked the grandma feel of them but i decided to cut them because i wanted a shirt that would transitional for the summer. Also I'm keeping the sleeves so I can maybe safety pin them back on for a grandma punk look. Also i love my necklace which is all chainy with different color chains and one huge chain. It looks perfect with the lace shirt. The lace shirt now my favorite shirt. I have already shown you my pin stripped shorts and shorts with tights is look ever. So good outfit day and good day in general. Me and lucy went to go see Kung Fu Panda 2. It was even better then the first. "I AM PO AND I AM GOING TO NEED A HAT" Ahh jack black, can i just give you a huge hug. So yeah ITS FRIDAY FRIDAY GOTA GET DOWN ON FRIDAY. (Rebecca Black you brainwasher)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Stuck in the Room Slump

I don't know what has gotten into me the past few days, but apparently my new obsession is interior decorating. For right now my room is an average teen's room (perhaps more messy), but as I recently graduated and now it is summer I have nothing to do other than obsess over the looks of my room. I can't explain it, but there is a certain look I am trying to obtain by moving things around and purchasing a few new accents, which is sort of a mix between international, vintage indie, and boho, which is a harder task than it seems. My first step was cleaning my room, which I have mostly accomplished, but it has been a dreary yet oddly rewarded path to success (including me finding many personal journals and notebooks I have written in in my early childhood.) The other step which I attempted to start today, but disappointingly failed was looking for new things for my room. I took a trip down to the North and Clyborn area and toured many of their home decorating stores, but because of my certain taste did not strike gold. I did buy a pillow from Pier 1, but not under the store's fluorescent lighting was a horrifyingly ugly pillow, which I need to return immediately.

My one vice of a home decorating store is anthropologie. I has exactly what I am looking for, but is way way way way too expensive for me to even afford their adorable painted knob handle things. If I ever find a new look for my bedroom, I will give you guys a post about it. Wish me luck!

Monday, June 6, 2011

I love Princess and Penguin

So today being the first day of summer i did absolutely nothing. (actually i went thrifting for a little bit but i will post those goodies tomorrow.) I had a really cute outfit on but i had to change for swim practice so there you see the boring one in the photos above. I do love my train striped shorts. I want to be a hobo so very bad. I also love my Arcade Fire tour t-shirt. I just pranced around my room with my kate spade penguin change purse ( gift from my aunt and envy of all those who work at paper source.) I ichated with the other teen adventure (Lucy) and our best friend in the whole world Marisa.
So thats that. Enjoy Summer
You are all princesses. Even the boys out there.

Summer Cuts

Usually every year around summertime I have my hair cut shorter than usual to make it easier to care for between sport practices, swimming, and all around sweat. For me, this annual haircut took place on Saturday. I was nervous when the hairsylist kept cutting down my hair until it matched my "grown-out" bangs, but I am very happy with the results. For those of you who are just too lazy like me during the summer to go through with long hair-care routines, I would suggest chopping off a few inches. If you are worried about have a hard time styling a short haircut check out this link

Also, check out my fabulous haircut!!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cures for the gloomies

So lately I have been feeling kinda sad and writing just always makes me feel better so.. i decided to post about curing sadness. God knows I have used all these this week. My recommendation is to watch your favorite movies. For me it would be Breakfast at Tiffany's or clueless. Or both. When i have a "case of the mean reds" i watch Breakfast at Tiffany's and marvel at the clothes and Audrey. It might be completely cliche but i totally adore Audrey. I love that she has perfume and lipstick in her mailbox and her fabulous hats. It just cheers me right up. It helps that George Pepard is adorable.

Another thing i love to do when i am sad is go to Tavi is completely adorable and hilarious. The types of things she does seems like the things me and my friends marisa and lucy do. Her posts make me laugh and her sense of humor matches mine. I love getting inspiration from her blog. Her blog inspires me to be myself and go crazy sometimes. Clothes are not just clothes but ways to inspire and be unique. I can express myself through clothes and music
Another way to cure the gloomies is to listen to super depressing music like the smiths then all of a sudden switch to the most upbeat music you have. A great band is howler by the way. ( i need a whole post about them somedaY)
I will hopefully be cured of the gloomies so i can bring you a more upbeat summer post.