Monday, March 28, 2011

Austin Addition

Hey guys! So one of your teens is in Texas for spring break and has been hitting up some great food joints. I have a few here for you so here we go. Of course, since it is Texas I went to a great BBQ place called Salt Lick. Very simple menu with good BBQ of all variety's. It is very family style with pretty big portions. You can order the online and cook it yourself at home. Another restaurant I went to was a Mexican place called Mi Tierra. It was pretty good Mexican food. I has the chicken quesdillas and they were very tasty. This Mexican Place was in San Antonio but the BBQ place was near Austin. A place I went for lunch was an Austin chain called Which wich. It was a very good sandwiches and had a large variety. It is similar to Potbelly


Stella's is another place in the Lincoln Park area on Broadway. One of the first things about Stella's that attracts is you the giant hand with a fork and knife in it on the outside. Stella's is a classic diner; fast-served food which is an array of everything. The good thing about Stella's is that there is something for everyone. I would reccomend going to Stella's for breakfast because they have this amazing egg skillet called the Hobo which comes in different forms that include different things, and make sure you order a side of their thick, crunchy sourdough toast. After you are done with your meal, you can walk a block down Broadway to get dessert at Bobtail Ice Cream, or stay right in your seat and order one of their many delicious shakes or a bakery goode! Either way a meal at Stella's is a always pleasing and satisfying! good choice

Address: 3042 N. Broadway Street, Chicago

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Our First Restaurant

Our school is in Lincoln Park, and we feel that it is essential to explore that area. Two weeks ago we went to a Hawaiian Restaurant called Aloha Eats. It is a cheap, easy place to go to because it is never crowded. Personally, I had never had "Hawaiian" food, but I went out on a limb and tried a dish called chicken katsu, which is just a breaded chicken with a sauce on it. Every order comes with rice and macaroni salad, which are Hawaiian favorites.

I was pleasently surprised with my food, and their homeade sweet and tangy sauce was amazing! I must warn you though, the portion sizes are crazy big, so if you are going with three people, I would order two entrees. We also had the fried shrimp which was really well-cooked and I would reccomend it!

Hi You Guys!

Welcome to the insider's guide to the real Chicago because there is much more to Chicago than the wildly publisized Michigan Ave.and its sports teams. There are so many fantastic places to go and see, and we want to share our experience with you. Many of the places we go to are inexpensive, so we will try to post weekly and update you on great places to go for lunch and areas to explore. So come back and give us your feedback every week! Thanks