Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Navy Pier: Overrated?

So now that it is the end of April (and hopefully warm soon) people will be beginning to hit outdoor attractions in the city and that's great, but I am here to inform you (don't be offended) that some of these covetted Chicago attractions can be overrated. The one especially that I would like to talk about today would be Nave Pier. Although Navy Pier is a great outdoor location, it is too expensive to do anything there other than just walk around and starve. Parking alone is around $30, so if you are even considering taking on this giant challenge, I would highly reccomend using public transportation. Just like an amusement park or airport, everything is rediculously over-priced. If you are just looking for somewhere new in the city to shop, this would not be the place. Everything there is either advertizing Chicago or is from a strange store, such as the Irish or Medieval store. If you want some real shopping suggestions we can make another post about that. Plus, if you want to engage in any activities such as the mini golf or the fun house, tickets are also expensive. In my opinion, the only truly worthwhile thing at Navy Pier is the ferris wheel.

On the other hand, the crowd-pleasing Millenium Park is the perfect place to spend a summer afternoon and is easy to get to by public transportation.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Throwback people

So today I went in a shopping spree with my mother for clothes and I realized something. That is that basics work and should be tweaked to your style to create something great. So on this trip, I went for a hobos clothes from the 30's, 50's classic mixed with grunge. I feel that if you find something original that works for you, tweak it so you out of comfort zone a little bit. When your truly out of your comfort zone you can find some great stuff and see how amazing some things look together. So no I'll give you some pics most are inspiration but 2 are mine so enjoy.

We're mixin it up

We have decided to broaden our horizons as a blog. We will now not only post regularly about our favorite restaurant selections but our favorite things music and fashion as well. We hope this is am improvement for all of you out there reading. We also will be posting more pictures so hang tight and hold on because there's a whole new teen adventures coming your way!

What's Hot Now- Philanthropy

It seems like this troubled world is never going to get by sometimes, but I am happy to tell you that a new fad is coming around that will keep you comfortable and oh so stylish.
One of my personal favorites are the adorably comfy Toms. When you buy one of these cute pairs of shoes they will donate a similar pair to third-world countries. Google these shoes and tell me if it can get better than this. I couldn't resist and got a pair for my birthday.

Moving on to cleanliness (I know, the subject you all want to discuss.) Right now Lush handmade cosmetics is selling an amazing smelling soap, in which all the proceeds go toward helping the natural disaster clean up for Japan through a charity called Peace Boat. This soap is only 5.95 and plus it looks like the Japanese flag, what's not to like?

Ok, food. Last weekend, I tried a new, hip burger joint on Wellington and Sheffield, right behind the Wellington brown line stop. This place has gourmet burgers, paired with unlikely, but tasty condiments and extras. I had the pleasure of going with ten of my family members, so I could try a wide range of burgers. I personally got the number 1 burger. They also have good salads, milkshakes, salt and pepper french fries, and killer Mac and Cheese. Now I get to the point, above the bar, they have a list of organizations around Chicago they donate to each month, so you can know you are eating your amazing burger for a good cause.

Finally, if you happen to have a few extra minutes, I reccomend going on one of these two websites (or both) to further benefit this planet.


On freepoverty, you play a geography game, and based on the number of points you donated cups of water to places that need it, and on freerice, you play a vocabulary game and for each right answer you donate 10 grains of rice.

Thanks! And sit back, relax, and save the world!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Music Time!

All you music lover out there are probably wondering when i will get to writing about music and here it is. So I right about the Pogues, an Irish Band that rocked my world to years ago. Most of there songs are about Irish injustice because most of the Pogues songs are about Irish injustice either that or .. whiskey but I'm going to focus on Shane McGowan's lyrical genius. In half the songs he sounds drunk ( its quite possible he is ) but the snarly voice gave birth to so many anthems. He was a voice of Irish history many would rather forget. My personal favorite Pogues album is If i should fall from the grace of god. It was on of the last with Shane Mcgowan.( never buy a pogues album without shane,they signed their own death warrant when the got rid of him) The name the Pogues came from pogue mahone which means kiss my a** in Gaelic. They shorten it too the Pogues because of BBC censorship. The pogues are a great band just because it is a perfect mix of punk and Irish folk music and some of the songs are just beautiful if you can understand the lyrics.

Top songs for me this week ( feeling a little bit like i should hav been born a few decades ago)
Baba O'Riley-The Who. always a great song i love the who so much
About a girl-Nirvana. a softer side of nirvana
Sunday Morning- No Doubt Gwen before she went mainstream
Sunday bloody Sunday-U2 im not a fan of U2(i think they r all to full of themselves) but i love this song


Today these two teens made a trip to andersonville. Which is a great little neighborhood near Edgewater, mostly along Clark. While known for mostly its overall gayness and over expensive home stores, it also has a great food scene. Today the teen foodies were not super hungry so we has a light snack at Kopi, A Travelers Cafe. Its a little ramshackle place smushed between a shoe store and a paper store. But inside it full of life, with its own small shop in the back with a bags and clothes. It also has a bookstore if you have finished the Fight Club for the 11th time (Its defiantly a place that people who read the fight club and a slightly towards the artsy side go) and notebooks if you are feeling creative. The decor is charming, with a section that is just small tables with tons of floor pillows to sit on. Now lets get down to the food. We just had a small snack of typical cafe food, however their menu is chalkfull of exciting and exotic food plus full blown meals.I got a fresh croissant with a blow of nutella which i dipped into with my hearts content. It was warm and fresh and overall amazing. The other foodie got a lemon poppyseed muffin. She negleted to tell me how it was because she was to busy stuffing her face with its warm delicousness. We also made a stop at Rad Vintage which is a new vintage shop that opened up a little off clark. Its got an okay selection, lots of guys stuff but they have a great shoes selection if you are looking for some funky boots in a sorta mens style. I think i might have to go back and get some of those vintage top siders i saw.
Alrighty, i think i might have to tune you in on some posts that are coming up. We have a few posts about lilcoln park coming up and definatly more about Andersonville. We are doing a whole series of posts on both so if you live in those nieghboorhoods, bully for you. We also are going to the Arcade Fire conert on Friday so we will have a whole post on that soon too.
One last thing. How are we driving. That is how are we doing blog wise. Show us some love (or hate but we prefer love) in the comment box)
Until next time,
the teen foodies.