Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Navy Pier: Overrated?

So now that it is the end of April (and hopefully warm soon) people will be beginning to hit outdoor attractions in the city and that's great, but I am here to inform you (don't be offended) that some of these covetted Chicago attractions can be overrated. The one especially that I would like to talk about today would be Nave Pier. Although Navy Pier is a great outdoor location, it is too expensive to do anything there other than just walk around and starve. Parking alone is around $30, so if you are even considering taking on this giant challenge, I would highly reccomend using public transportation. Just like an amusement park or airport, everything is rediculously over-priced. If you are just looking for somewhere new in the city to shop, this would not be the place. Everything there is either advertizing Chicago or is from a strange store, such as the Irish or Medieval store. If you want some real shopping suggestions we can make another post about that. Plus, if you want to engage in any activities such as the mini golf or the fun house, tickets are also expensive. In my opinion, the only truly worthwhile thing at Navy Pier is the ferris wheel.

On the other hand, the crowd-pleasing Millenium Park is the perfect place to spend a summer afternoon and is easy to get to by public transportation.

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