Sunday, April 17, 2011

Music Time!

All you music lover out there are probably wondering when i will get to writing about music and here it is. So I right about the Pogues, an Irish Band that rocked my world to years ago. Most of there songs are about Irish injustice because most of the Pogues songs are about Irish injustice either that or .. whiskey but I'm going to focus on Shane McGowan's lyrical genius. In half the songs he sounds drunk ( its quite possible he is ) but the snarly voice gave birth to so many anthems. He was a voice of Irish history many would rather forget. My personal favorite Pogues album is If i should fall from the grace of god. It was on of the last with Shane Mcgowan.( never buy a pogues album without shane,they signed their own death warrant when the got rid of him) The name the Pogues came from pogue mahone which means kiss my a** in Gaelic. They shorten it too the Pogues because of BBC censorship. The pogues are a great band just because it is a perfect mix of punk and Irish folk music and some of the songs are just beautiful if you can understand the lyrics.

Top songs for me this week ( feeling a little bit like i should hav been born a few decades ago)
Baba O'Riley-The Who. always a great song i love the who so much
About a girl-Nirvana. a softer side of nirvana
Sunday Morning- No Doubt Gwen before she went mainstream
Sunday bloody Sunday-U2 im not a fan of U2(i think they r all to full of themselves) but i love this song

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