Sunday, April 17, 2011


Today these two teens made a trip to andersonville. Which is a great little neighborhood near Edgewater, mostly along Clark. While known for mostly its overall gayness and over expensive home stores, it also has a great food scene. Today the teen foodies were not super hungry so we has a light snack at Kopi, A Travelers Cafe. Its a little ramshackle place smushed between a shoe store and a paper store. But inside it full of life, with its own small shop in the back with a bags and clothes. It also has a bookstore if you have finished the Fight Club for the 11th time (Its defiantly a place that people who read the fight club and a slightly towards the artsy side go) and notebooks if you are feeling creative. The decor is charming, with a section that is just small tables with tons of floor pillows to sit on. Now lets get down to the food. We just had a small snack of typical cafe food, however their menu is chalkfull of exciting and exotic food plus full blown meals.I got a fresh croissant with a blow of nutella which i dipped into with my hearts content. It was warm and fresh and overall amazing. The other foodie got a lemon poppyseed muffin. She negleted to tell me how it was because she was to busy stuffing her face with its warm delicousness. We also made a stop at Rad Vintage which is a new vintage shop that opened up a little off clark. Its got an okay selection, lots of guys stuff but they have a great shoes selection if you are looking for some funky boots in a sorta mens style. I think i might have to go back and get some of those vintage top siders i saw.
Alrighty, i think i might have to tune you in on some posts that are coming up. We have a few posts about lilcoln park coming up and definatly more about Andersonville. We are doing a whole series of posts on both so if you live in those nieghboorhoods, bully for you. We also are going to the Arcade Fire conert on Friday so we will have a whole post on that soon too.
One last thing. How are we driving. That is how are we doing blog wise. Show us some love (or hate but we prefer love) in the comment box)
Until next time,
the teen foodies.

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