Saturday, June 4, 2011

Lets go to the movies

i love the virgin suicides. That is a kinda of surprising sentence considering the movie is about a bunch of teenage girls who commit suicide after their mother locks them in their room. But its a great movie because it touches something in you. It shows you how tough adolescence is and the toll it can take. It also shows how people never really know each other. Also who doesn't want 2 be Lux Lisbon. Tantalizingly beautiful and demurely sexy. Kristen Dunst never looked prettier and she makes you want to fall for the bad boy trip over and over again.

My ultimate favorite movie would have to be Stand By Me. This movie embodies friendship and loyalty. When I watch Stand By Me I feel the need to go on an adventure of any kind. It could be a trip to Bucktown but as long as it strengths my friendships, the adventure has done its job. Also Stand by Me, makes me put on some high tops and stripes. Or cat eye glasses. The stories it tells make you remember every childhood fantasy and every inside joke. So call that long lost best friend and go have the adventure of a lifetime.

The ironic fact is that my favorite romantic movie is not a romantic movie. 500 days of summer is the journey of joseph gordon levitt with his terrible love affair with zooey deschanel who is the infamous summer. I love this movie not only because i have the hugest crush of dear joseph. ( He is totally my type, nerdy cute with great taste in music) but because it gives the real story of relationships. They are messy, people get their hearts broken and smashed. The whole point of this movei is moving on and realizes and life goes on. Zooey ( my female idol. Remind me to do a whole post on her some day) wears the most adorable outfits and shines as a sweet malicious heart breaker. Can i be her?

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