Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cures for the gloomies

So lately I have been feeling kinda sad and writing just always makes me feel better so.. i decided to post about curing sadness. God knows I have used all these this week. My recommendation is to watch your favorite movies. For me it would be Breakfast at Tiffany's or clueless. Or both. When i have a "case of the mean reds" i watch Breakfast at Tiffany's and marvel at the clothes and Audrey. It might be completely cliche but i totally adore Audrey. I love that she has perfume and lipstick in her mailbox and her fabulous hats. It just cheers me right up. It helps that George Pepard is adorable.

Another thing i love to do when i am sad is go to Tavi is completely adorable and hilarious. The types of things she does seems like the things me and my friends marisa and lucy do. Her posts make me laugh and her sense of humor matches mine. I love getting inspiration from her blog. Her blog inspires me to be myself and go crazy sometimes. Clothes are not just clothes but ways to inspire and be unique. I can express myself through clothes and music
Another way to cure the gloomies is to listen to super depressing music like the smiths then all of a sudden switch to the most upbeat music you have. A great band is howler by the way. ( i need a whole post about them somedaY)
I will hopefully be cured of the gloomies so i can bring you a more upbeat summer post.

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