Monday, June 13, 2011

I Want Candy... and every else.

So i have way bigger eyes then my stomach. Or should i say that wallet is way smaller then my appetite for things. So i have a small list of things that i desire and i cannot get out of my mind. The bad part is when i am focused on things that i want, i work until I get what i want. However, basically everything on this list is not necessary so i figured that blogging about it would help get it off my mind so i can focus on more important things like cancer and Darfur. ( that is not a joke by the way)
1) Lesportsac 7839 Voyager Backpack in the Chrysalis print.

this is the print and i could not find it in the backpack so i decided to also post a picture of the backpack in my second favorite picture.
2) the next thing on my list is a demin button up shirt. I do not have a specific one in mind so no pictures :( But i really want one because you can dress it up and down. Its great for summer and winter. It would look great for school next fall i need to find one.
3) BEDDING BEDDING AND BEDDING. I am obsessed with anthropologlie bedding and home decorating materials. But obliviously, they are not cheap so I already have started wonderful christmas list.

So i had a huge list prepared but i can not remember so this can be part one of two.
I am just going to post the pictures from the movie Marie Antoinette. My favorite :)

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