Monday, June 13, 2011

Sail Away

Now knowing of Claire and my's crazy yet amusing adventures, you should hear about another one of our adventures that happened today. Just up the north shoreline from Chicago on Lake Michigan are a few suburbs, such as Evanston, grouped together to form the "North Shore" as they call it. (Creative huh?) Anyway, Claire and I took a venture up to the North Shore today and started our very first day of sailing camp at Northwestern University. Since Claire, the other adventurer, has done this camp before she told me the first day is always the most boring, when they are teaching you about the parts of the boat, the knots, and so on as so forth. At the end of camp today they had us go out on the boats with a counselor, so it is four people in the boat- three campers and one counselor. Of course in our boat Claire and I are stuck with a shy nine-year which is the opposite of our personalities. After camp, my grandma who was picking us up because she lives nearby took us to Mustard's Last Stand, which if you have not heard of it, is one of the best hot-dog, french-fry places in the entire universe. Tomorrow hopefully we have a more exciting boat adventurous boat ride especially when we capsize! :)

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